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Sweden's Best Nudist Beaches - Where they are and how to find them

Sweden's nudist beaches - glorious!

Swedes are pretty chilled out and open-minded with many who like to enjoy a swim or to sunbathe in the nude. Swedes view nudism and nudity as stricly non-erotic and non-sexual. There is a strong association generally outside Sweden and an unjustified prejudice that Sweden is all about sex and nudism (which is incorrect.) This closed-minded prejudice stems from Swedish sexy blondes and early origins of porn material, when a liberal minded nation got unjustifiably tarnished with the reputation for hot sex and loose women. 

So, if you are in Sweden and you want to get your kit off, what do you do if you want to enjoy the beach naked? Well, you can practice nudism in Sweden at the many nude beaches all around the Swedish coast. Check out these great popular nude beaches in Swedenfor each of the featured nudist beaches below, there are directions and guidelines for your information:

Stockholm: Ågesta Nude Beach

Ågesta nude beach in Stockholm is a very popular beach for nudists who live in the Swedish capital, offering public facilities, picnic tables and play areas, as well as a nice sandy area. It can be reached from Stockholm by bus (lines 742 or 833). Get off at the stop  for Rödmossevägen. If you're coming to the beach by car, drive yourself to the southern end of Lake Magelungen and follow the signs to Agesta nude beach.

nude beach

Södertälje / Stockholm: Tullan Nude Beach

Tullan nude beach is found 20 minutes away from Södertälje in Sweden, or 30 minutes outside of Stockholm. You can reach Tullan nude beach by using the E4/E20 highway from either city. Buses from Sodertalje also go to the lake. The nude beach at Tullan lake is located at the northern end of the lake. There are no public facilities, however. The nude beach itself is rather rocky, so bring something soft to sit and lie on. Other parts of the beach (clothing required) are sandy and are popular among surfers. 

For more information on Swedish nudist beaches, visit Top Nudist Beaches, with a specific article on the best of Sweden's nudist beaches .

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